Fratto Engineering Inc.
Prime and Consulting Engineering Services to the Medical Community
The members of Fratto Engineering, Inc. have been providing prime and consulting engineering services to the medical community for over twenty years. Our list of repeat clients includes both private and public Hospitals. A sample of clients include:
  • Doctors Hospital - Dallas, Texas
  • Garland Community Hospital - Garland, Texas
  • LakePointe Medical Center - Rowlett, Texas
  • Navarro Regional Medical Center - Corsicana, Texas
  • Brownsville Medical Center - Brownsville, Texas
  • Medical Center Arlington - Arlington, Texas
  • LifeCare Hospitals - Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas
  • North Hills Hospital - North Richland Hills, Texas
  • St. Paul Medical Center - Dallas, Texas
  • Children's Medical Center - Dallas, Texas
  • Charlton Medical Center - Dallas, Texas
  • Wilson N. Jones Medical Center - Sherman, Texas
  • St Joseph's Hospital - Paris, Texas
  • Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center - Texas
We have consistently provided excellent work on time and within budget for all of these facilities. This level of service has earned us the opportunity to be involved with a wide variety of project types:

We are familiar with the sensitive nature of projects requiring reliable clean air delivered properly within the suite and designed to provide the proper pressure relationships with adjacent areas:
  • Neo-natal Intensive Care Units
  • Invitro-Fertilization Suites
  • Surgery and Delivery Suites
  • Low Temperature Surgery Suites
  • Pediatric ICU Centers
  • Special Care Nurseries
  • Emergency Rooms
  • Isolation Rooms
We are familiar with the requirements for a high level of filtration meeting CDC requirements to protect both the patients and the public:
  • TB Suites
  • TB Compatible Radiology Suites
  • HIV Suites
We are familiar with the problems associated with exhausting unusual substances into the air and protecting the public as well as the hospital:
  • Evaluation and Correction of Air Quality Problems Associated with Contaminated Outside Air.
  • Systems to Remove Xenon Gas from Radiology.
  • Systems to Removed Lead Laden Air from Radiology.
  • Systems to Remove Toxic Fumes from Prosthetics Laboratories.
We are familiar with the problems associated with trying to upgrade existing systems while keeping patient areas on line. Examples include:
  • Replacing Cooling Towers
  • Replacing Chillers
  • Replacing Air Handling Equipment
  • Replacing Emergency Generators
  • Replacing Automatic Transfer Switches
  • Replacing Emergency Switchgear
We have done dozens of facility evaluations and master plans and are very familiar with designing retrofit systems that have the flexibility to support the master plan during the first phase, as well as the last phase. In fact, the master plan is not always followed to the last phase. Therefore, the design should be as flexible as possible so that it may also accommodate changes in the master plan.

95% of our healthcare projects are in existing hospitals. All of these projects require extensive experience in designing retrofit systems that can be installed with little, if any, down time. In addition, real-estate is always at a premium in a medical facility. This makes it more difficult, since new equipment can rarely be installed in new mechanical rooms while the old ones remain on line.

Fratto Engineering, Inc. understands that contrary to public belief, hospitals do not have a "blank check". We have extensive experience in designing systems to accomplish the task at hand while staying within the budget. This goes for low budget projects, as well as for high budget projects.

In the total scheme of things, the design of a good system is worthless if it is installed incorrectly or if the sequence of controls is not set up properly. Fratto Engineering, Inc. is prepared to work closely with the contractor during the commissioning of the project.
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